Reptiland, the company

The passion of a lifetime

reptil reptil

YES ........ But this passion for having source "fear of the reptile":

As he thought this fear produced by the sight of a snake was not logical, Francois Gouygou wanted to understand this "malaise".
After a long period of observations and discoveries so troubling.
He found in these animals, a growing passion that made his home a place of passion.
(Library and re-visited in terrariums under-stairs, aquariums for turtles, ...)
Then, with the desire to share this knowledge of "REPTILES" in another vision, he created REPTILAND supported by his wife in 1990


In a few years our collection has become the largest in France.
This is the only European exhibition in daylight.
Our greatest achievement is to make animals very quiet thanks to the desensitization Our animals have no fear, they are desensitized ...
Do not think they are drugged or anesthetized etc ...

For us, they are companions as ambassadors from the world of reptiles.
If the animals are stressed or hidden, there is no communication with visitors who stay on the prejudices they have been taught. So that the public is not a source of fear for the animals, we have transformed this image in "virtual image".
In traditional vivarium care is provided "public side".

A REPTILAND, it teaches the animal that the glass "public side." not open.
Everything is done inside the greenhouse. Gradually, the image of the public appears to him as something entertaining but could never intervene "actively" in his life.
Everything could go on like this, but on the morning of 27 January 2011, a short circuit on the generator causes an outbreak of fire that spreads on the building.


In short this tragic event, two parts of the building were destroyed :
a greenhouse presentation
laboratory / nursery
96 animals perished, facilities (designed for safety) even fire failed to animals to escape.
Despite the pain and sadness, Reptiland was rebuilt with the help of skilled artisans in record time.
On 1 July 2011, Reptiland could again open the doors in order to always find " Another view " Reptiles of the world


A collection of reptiles
A friendly team
Another vision of reptiles ..... The passion of a lifetime

We are waiting for you ......