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REPTILAND is for you!!!

You will find many species of reptiles: Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles ... Animals presented in daylight are quiet at Reptiland. They were chosen for their beauty, their designs and colors. Daylight reveals colors and reflections dancing that do not appear in artificial light. Reptiland is interactive. The animals are fed in public throughout the day and explanations are permanent. Care and cleaning are carried out inside greenhouses but visible to the public. RReptiland not to proselytize but is committed to advising acclimatization desires serious and genuine, both for fans and for the future well-being of animals.

You wanted a python? .... Rather think of a . corn snake You dream of ;an iguana?... Instead, start by raising a skink! In fact, these animals will be less stress for beginners.


It is for adults and seniors that the apprehension of the largest snakes. This is especially to them that we turn our attention during visits. It is not to make dramatic using fears conveyed reptiles, but instead to give another vision through a warm climate and accomplice.


Duration of the visit: 1h30
By appointment. Minimum 20 pupils.
1 free / 10 paying students.

The head shows the level of students to determine the topics that will be most prominent (locomotion, thermoregulation, evolution, etc ...) and develops the preparation of the visit (list of animals, photo essay, etc. ..) The bus station is right at the entrance of Reptiland. The students received educational room and after a 5-minute video, it is presented with a living (boa or python) released on a branch animal. A dead prey is offered to him and during food intake, it serves to illustrate a presentation on the life of reptiles in general and specific points that have been agreed with the teacher.


Another vision of reptiles, it also means that we assure you that with a little good will on your part, your phobias (such as the snakes spiders) will ease on your first visit.
Hundreds of people, including 75% of women showed their "healing". Off seasons and uncrowded we will help you to approach a snake closely.


Reptiland performs in-depth work on the definition of disability by presenting daily functions of animals including the loss of limbs is the result of an evolution. This allows for both able-bodied and disabled, a different assessment of what "disability." Amazing results are observed with physical disabilities (paraplegia, but also deafness, blindness ...) and mental (surprising effects with autism.).