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Discover the most beautiful collection of Europe in daylight in a covered and air-conditioned space and one of the most important collections of venomous reptiles presented in France.

Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles and some arachnids are waiting for you to change your vision of these animals are often unknown. They were chosen for their beauty, their designs and their colors. Daylight reveals moire colors and reflections that do not appear in artificial light. Approach safely, crocodiles, cobras and more than 200 animals.

A numbered route indicating a sense of visit, allows you to admire all the animals. You bypass several greenhouses with different climate and discover beautiful animals. On each terrarium small simple and effective cards are there to give you information on the species you observe. Educational panels on different themes (anatomy, food, reproduction, reptiles of France, molting, venoms ...) are arranged on the walls throughout your visit. Of course the entire Reptiland team is available at any time for your questions. Photos are allowed but NOT flash.

The animals are fed throughout the day and explanations are permanent. Care and cleanings are done inside the greenhouses but visible to the public. Reptiland does not want to proselytize but makes a point of advising serious and authentic acclimatization desires, as much for the future amateurs as for the well-being of the animals.

You wanted a python? Think of a wheat snake instead. You dream of an iguana? Start by raising a skink. Indeed these animals will be less restrictive to start.



Duration of the visit: 1h30
On reservation: resa@reptiland.fr

20 people minimum. 1 free admission / 20 paying people.

After having welcomed you, you are installed in a pedagogical room, where you attend the feeding of one of our boarders. During this performance, we explain to you how these unknown or poorly known animals function. Their anatomy, their frequency of feeding, their amazing faculty are described to change your vision a little, a lot and why not totally. Following this demonstration, you begin your visit by following a numbered route and discover our residents in terrariums adapted to their needs, whether by size, climate, scenery. Explanatory sheets and educational boards are placed on the terrariums and walls to bring you even more information, but of course the Reptiland team is at your disposal for any questions. So do not hesitate to contact us. You can take pictures but NOT flash.

It is among adults and seniors that the apprehension of snakes is greatest. It is therefore especially to them that we pay attention during visits. It is not a question of making the spectacular using the fears that the reptiles convey, but on the contrary to give another vision through a warm and complicit climate.



Duration of the visit: 1h30
On reservation: resa@reptiland.fr

20 students minimum. 1 free escort / 10 paying students.

The person in charge indicates the level of the pupils in order to determine the subjects which will be put forward (locomotion, thermoregulation, evolution ...) and develops the preparation of the visit (list of animals, photo report ...). The bus parks at the bus station. The pupils are received in the teaching room and after a presentation of Reptiland, a living animal (boa or python) is presented to them on a branch. A dead prey is given to him and during the taking of food, it serves as illustration to a presentation on the life of the reptiles in general and on the particular points which were agreed with the professor.

After this demonstration, you start your visit to the main room and continue to discover these animals, learning even more info using small simple and effective cards. You will be able to take photos but WITHOUT flash. The Reptiland team is here if you have any other questions.



Another vision of reptiles, it also means that you are assured that with a little will on your part, your phobias (snakes like spiders) will fade from your first visit.
Hundreds of people, 75% of them women, testified to their "healing".

Out of season and without too many people we will help you to approach a snake safely.



Reduced price on presentation of proof. Reptiland is accessible to people in wheelchairs or manual.

Reptiland does an in-depth work, on the relative definition of handicaps, by presenting the daily functions of animals, whose loss of limbs is the culmination of an evolution. This allows for both the disabled and the disabled, a different appreciation of what is "disability". Amazing results are observed with physical disabilities (paraplegia, but also deafness, blindness ...) and mental (surprising effects with autistic.).

Healer for a day & VIP


Visitor of a day, faithful or passionate ... Have you ever wanted to enter the skin of an animal trainer?

Discover the backstage of Reptiland, and enjoy special moments with our animals!

Reptiland offers you a new activity: "Healer for a day".

This unique experience will allow anyone (adults or children from 8 years old) to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of reptiles by joining the Reptiland team. Understanding the world of work, discovering oneself, confirming a vocation or quite simply approaching this particular branch of the animal world ...
This activity is scheduled from February to June and from September to November on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday:

For the activity "Healer for a day" On reservation - 2 participants maximum per activity.
For the activity "V.I.P Healer" On reservation - 1 participant maximum per activity.

soigneur d un jour


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